Dota 2 Spring Cleaning 2022 Patnotes contain over 150 updates

The sun starts to seem and it's time for the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning 2022 Update - and this year it's a big thing. Every year Valve publishes an update with bug fixes and improvements in quality of life for important features in the game. It is an update that makes the most of the rest when it's about Dota 2 updates anyway. This year's update is packed with well over 150 updates - it's about aghanim's scepters and shard, Rubick and more.

In the headlines of this year's spring cleaning updates, the Tooltips for AGHANIMS ZEPTER and AGHANIMS Kerbe were updated and improved to accommodate more details, and upgrades have been individually changed to clearly convey important information.

In addition, Valve has improved the player mute systems in the game. In the Update Spring Cleaning 2022Sags Valve: "Dota players are a boisterous pile... It is important to have a quick and easy means to mute players and report them to further verification without further disturbing their game."

After the spring cleaning 2022 update, players can mute the voice chat and the text chat mute and report another player with a single click. Valve has also introduced a team-wide mute function if you have to focus.

Elsewhere in the update Valve updates the shop search system - with better keyword identification - and extends article tooltips on a broad front. Adhesive and objects will also be added to a new color-coded capability damage system - this should help players to clarify whether they cause physical, magical or pure damage in no time.

Information about their permanent buffs, a sortable scoreboard after the game and improved language support complete the most important changes in the quality of life for the update DOTA 2 Spring Cleaning 2022. But this is not all packed for a long time - Valve has also made hundreds of bugfixes and changes.

NEW SHOP, NEW BANS, NEW SETTINGS - Spring Cleaning Update Breakdown - Dota 2 Guide The return period for players at the beginning of a game was extended to 30 seconds, the Ogre Bruiser has a new sound effect that signals his anesthesia, and neutral creep aurs appear now when they move over it. Rubick, the Grand Magus, is interested in the only Dota 2 hero with its own category in Spring Cleaning 2022 update.

Valve has implemented over 30 Rubick-related error corrections - next to a hundred other corrections - and Dota Plus users are pleased to hear that many hero challenges have been updated. If you want to scan the patch notes for the spring cleaning 2022 yourself, you can do this here. It is also worthwhile to refresh all Dota 2 ranks in our guide - you can never be prepared enough.